Exosomal Protein Extraction Kit

Preclinical safety evaluation of a recombinant plasmid vector encoding mature human neutrophil peptide-1 by repeated local administrations in nonhuman primates

Product name

Protein extraction kit

Product description

The Protein Extraction Kit (ab270054) is for the solubilization of proteins for a variety of proteomic applications. The kit contains a proprietary buffer designed to maximize protein extraction from cells and tissues under conditions that are compatible with subsequent proteomic applications. Protein Extraction Buffer contains reducing agents and SDS and provides unbiased extraction of proteins from cells and tissues.

The resulting lysates are compatible with protein quantitation assays, fractionation with the Gelfree® 8100 Sample Fractionation System, other SDS-PAGE separations, and the Filter Assisted Sample Preparation (FASP) method. This product is manufactured by Expedeon, an Abcam company. It was previously called the UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit. Expedeon Product Code 44101 is the same as Kit 1 size for this product.


  • The kit provides efficient protein extraction for both freshly harvested cells and frozen cells.
  • Protein Extraction Buffer contains SDS and reducing agents. For an accurate determination of total protein concentration, use an assay that is compatible with detergent and reducing agents.
  • The kit is designed for the maximum and unbiased extraction, reduction and denaturation of whole proteomes. It should not be used prior to functional protein assays.

Storage instructions

Store at + 4 ° C. Consult protocols.


The Total Plant Protein Extraction Kit has been used to isolate crude seed protein. It has also been used to extract total protein.


Sufficient for the preparation of 20 separate extractions of 10-250 mg plant tissue samples

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